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Creative New App "Convers8" Seeks to Forge Deeper Human Connections Through In-Person Conversations

Washington, D.C., U.S.A. - February 19, 2019 – Just launched on Kickstarter, the revolutionary new app, "Convers8" creatively connects individuals across cities and countries, bringing people together for meaningful conversations, events, activities and more. Inspired by the functionality of dating apps, chat- and messaging-based communication, and location-based map features, the Convers8 app's ultimate mission is to use mobile phones for the greater goal of forging genuine, human-to-human, in-person connection that starts with a conversation. 

With a generous seven levels of pledges available for backing, the creators of the conversation-centric app are looking to entice as many people as they can to get involved in the current functionality and future role of Convers8. And what a role that is! The creators envision a world where individuals use screen-time and technology the way it was intended: as a facilitator of connections rather than a shield to hide behind. 

"We want to meet people like you to talk about something that actually matters for a change. Maybe we won't see eye-to-eye, but we'll have a real, interesting, and healthy experience to share from it.," say the creators of Convers8.

And to help their users do just that, the Convers8 team has focused the app's core functionality around starting conversations and locating others. When users log in, they can view other people also using the Convers8 app nearby. The app features a "matching" algorithm that connects users to each other based on interests. The app also allows users to start their own conversations and connect with individuals who want to join. Other features include the ability to host or attend larger group meetings, set up a "debate" style conversation, and activate a "travel" option that connects to others when traveling across the world.

For US $10 or more, the very first tier of pledging rewards users with a Thank You email and voting rights. For those who pledge US $50 or more, they'll be rewarded with a limited edition "Conversation Kit", which is like a survival kit with prompts for conversation starters, and more. Those who pledge at the US $500 level will be rewarded additionally with a one-of-a-kind, personalized and hand-painted mug, in addition to voting rights, while those at the "Developer" tier of US $1000 or more have direct influence in what features get built next. 

Every dollar counts, however, for this creative and techie-driven team, who, collectively have spent their own hard-earned money in the birth and development of this passion project. Contributions will go primarily towards advertising and the development of new features, with the provision of rewards and Kickstarter fees as smaller allocations. With this campaign, the Convers8 team is sending out a clear message: it's time to change the future of connecting and communicating, returning it to a more human level.