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Not a dating app, C8 connects you with real people for real conversation.

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NO REGRETS  |  Will you look back on your life and wish you spent more time on your phone? Or will you wish you met more interesting people and had more meaningful experiences? 

BE BETTER  |  People who have regular, meaningful social interaction...

  • Are 2.4 times less likely to have heart disease

  • Have increased brain function

  • Live 10 years longer than their lonely counterparts

  • Are more confident

EXPAND YOUR WORLD  |  Everyone has a different reason for finding an interesting conversation. It's a way to learn, teach, laugh, grow, share and to break free from the monotony of daily life...and do something real. 


BE HUMAN AGAIN  |  This is why we created Convers8. We want to meet people like you to talk about something that actually matters.

Download Convers8 Here

Download Convers8 Here